Nagios XI out of the box review

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As I eluded to yesterday, I was finally able to get a good install of Nagios XI running on a VM within my “enterprise” (ha). 

Network monitoring system attempt #2

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Earlier this year, I made an attempt to eval a network monitoring system (NMS); it lasted all of about 10 minutes once I realized that the software I was attempting… Read more »

Merry Christmas!!

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Just a short, quick entry to wish everyone an absolutely wonderful Christmas!! Remember the reason for the season, and that surrounding ourselves with friends, family, and others who care about us… Read more »

The movie I didn’t want to watch

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So, I don’t remember what year it was, but I was at least 15 years old because my bedroom had been moved to the basement.  I’m gonna go with somewhere… Read more »

Chrome extensions I have to have!

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I’m a big user of Google Chrome, and have been for years.  In my professional life I also use Firefox, but when I’m home, Chrome is the de facto standard… Read more »

New project…

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This is going to be a quick and short entry but just wanted to give everyone — especially the nerds among us — a heads-up.

What’s this all about?

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I finally got around to whipping up an “About” page for this site, so you can read where it came from and maybe even where it’s going.  You can reach… Read more »