Mikey’s Compilation of Useful (?) Information

Here’s where I attempt to keep track of all the notes I’ve taken and information I’ve compiled while doing the things I do.  I’ve tried to order these from most-referenced to least, but it’s not a hard and fast rule.

Mikey’s Movie List – I keep this list around in case I find myself in a used DVD store

Ubuntu Checklist – Notes I’ve compiled relative to building and maintaining a Ubuntu system

All Things Windows 10 – This began as a place to keep track of information involving upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and has since blossomed into my go-to place for anything Windows 10 related that I deem valuable enough to file away.

Miscellaneous Notes – Self Explanatory

Install an Open Source KMS Server – Instructional Guide

– Key Management Server – slmgr command reference

FreeBSD Notes – Useful information for dealing with FreeBSD

Installing Plex on Ubuntu host – Instructional Guide

The Firefox Annoyance List – A place for saving “fixes” for all the Firefox stuff I deem to be “broken”.

– Google Chrome Annoyances #1 and #2 – These annoyed me back in the day but, as I currently rarely use Chrome anymore (not to mention the fact that these fixes are quite long in the tooth and may no longer be necessary or relevant), these may disappear at some point.  If not, they will certainly be combined into one document at some point.

“Am I Nerd Enough?” – A compilation of things (and links to them) that at one time interested (or continue to interest) me.  This needs updating, which I will get to at some point in the future.

Installation of Grafana, Telegraf and InfluxDB – Self-explanatory.  I’ve not messed with this stuff in quite a while but am retaining it for now in case I get back to it at some point.