I just fell in love with ProxMox all over again…

I effortlessly moved a VM disk from one hard drive to another. This is so sick!

As eluded to in my previous post, I purchased some new hard drives for my ProxMox box.  This necessitated devising a way to get my VMs off the old drives and onto the new ones, so I got to thinking.

Initially, I thought I’d create some backups, blast the VMs and then recreate them after the hard drive swap.  But then I got to wondering if there could possibly be an easier way.  Turns out, there is!

A description of my setup would probably help here:  I have 2 3TB hard drives in the system and, with the exception of one VM which has volumes on both drives, the remainder of my VMs (9 in total) have volumes that reside on one drive (drive 1 of 2, for reference).  The reasons for this are irrelevant for this discussion so I won’t go into it now, but with the previous layout in mind, I got to wondering if I could easily move the single VM disk that exists on drive 2 over to drive 1, thereby freeing up drive #2 for swapping.

Turns out, ProxMox has this functionality built in.  All I needed to do was power down the VM, go into the hardware settings for said VM, select the VM disk in question, and select ‘Move Storage’ under ‘Disk Action’.  A dialog box comes up which asks me where to move it and voila!  It moves it!

So now, disk #2 is free and I’ll swap it out.  Then, I’ll use the procedure above to move the VMs off old disk 1 onto new disk 2, and then swap disk 1.

If it seems like I’m having fun, I am! Score one for ProxMox!!

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    1. Mike Post author

      If I touch the grill, I open myself up to enduring the wrath of my son. Chef Jonas.
      Don’t get me wrong, I’ll grill if i *have* to, but that situation has not presented itself yet.
      I did, however, find time to make a 75 mile drive out to Perry Lake in Kansas yesterday. Spent a few hours out there with a co-worker and checking out all the goings-on. It was a decent time.


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