So yeah, I’m miffed…

February 12, 2022

Here’s my site. Pretty blank, yeah? Well here’s why…

Towards the last weekend of January, I got into my management portal and kicked off upgrades of all of my WordPress sites. All of them upgraded fine except — you guessed it — this one.

I have backups so no problem, right? Well, apparently, wrong.

I’ve spent portions of the 2 weeks since the implosion attempting to resurrect my site in a variety of ways, if only long enough to where I could take prints of all my pages. But no, none of the ways I attempted to get it back worked. So much for backups.

So here we are. Between the Internet Archive and Google’s cached copies of the site, I think I’ve got copies of all the important data from the site, so at least there’s that.

What happens now?

I don’t know yet. I will be making hard copy printouts of the stuff I was able to recover and putting it in a binder so I will have the bulk of my notes. Beyond that, I’ve made no decisions on what I want to do next. I acknowledge that it was nice to be able to access the information from pretty much anywhere I needed/wanted to, but I’m feeling so frustrated right now that I have yet to convince myself that I want to go through all this again. Add to that the fact that the WordPress people keep changing their software so now I will have to completely relearn it (just like everything else computer-related, it seems). Seriously, would it kill these companies to maintain some semblance of friggin’ consistency? As it is, they are consistently inconsistent, so I guess there’s that…

I guess all I can say right now is check back at some point and maybe you’ll see change. Or maybe you’ll just see this message for the next decade. Nobody knows….