It is ALIVE!!!

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At 9:39 a.m. on this frigid Sunday morning, my fresh install of ProxMox came online.

As before, when I was running VMware, I have 3 disks on the system — a 1TB SSD which I’ve previously used for the host OS and other such things, and 2 3TB hard drives, which I’ve previously used for storage allocations of the actual guest VMs.  I’m going to continue this methodology with ProxMox.

As it happened, however, I was so excited to get the first test VM up and running that I installed it to the SSD since I hadn’t yet figured out how to add the extra storage.  VM came up just fine, and all is well.

I then went about figuring out how to add the 2 3TB drives to the party, which ended up requiring a “wipe” and then an initialization with GPT (GPT being the successor to MBR for those not in the know).  Once I did that to both drives, they were instantly made available for use.  Of course this meant spinning up a 2nd VM, utilizing one of the new drives for storage, and again, all went well.

That’s pretty much as far as I’ve gotten up to this point.  I’ll continue to play around with it as I add VMs and get my “data center” back to some semblance of pre-VMware abandonment.