The next experiment….

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Recently, I was finally able to vacate my last VirtualBox-hosted VM, which resulted in the Windows 10 machine on which VB was hosted on to be doing….. nothing.

With this newly unused available processing power at my disposal, I’ve begun pondering things I can do with it.  One experiment that is probably going to end up towards the top of this list is attempting to game on Linux.  The goal is going to be whether or not I can truly rid my home of Microsoft Windows forever; the only hold up at this point is the fact that I’m a gamer, and I’ve long known my choices are to either cease gaming or find another platform on which running the games I play is feasible.

In my copious free time, therefore, I’m going to be researching which derivation of Linux is “best” for running the windows emulator (Wine), as I’m pretty sure Fortnite won’t run on Linux natively.  I’m also a bit of a Minecraft player, but I’m pretty sure that it’ll be easier to get that to run on Linux.

This post is just a little teaser of that forthcoming adventure, as well to note that I’ve got a larger, more general update coming in the near future, so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “The next experiment….

    1. Mike Post author

      Perhaps. Upon further research, I’m probably not going to try to game on it, but I will nonetheless be playing with different distributions of Linux on a spare workstation to determine what I want to run full time after Win10 goes end of support on 10/14/2025, since I just last night made the decision that I will not be “upgrading” to Windows 11.

      I’ll either stop gaming at that point, or move my gaming to a non-Microsoft console, but there will be no Windows in my network after that date.


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