More eBaying… oh my…

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This eBay stuff is becoming a habit.

Once again, I have plunked down some currency on the site and procured some more nerdy stuff.  This time – 2 12TB hard drives.  $65 $85 each!  Yeah, refurbed, but they have a 5 year warranty on them so what can possibly go wrong???

These two beasts will quickly replace the two 3TB hard drives (also refurbs, and purchased 6 years ago!) in my 128MB RAM screamin’ formerly VMware but now ProxMox system.  Not only will this allow me to allocate more space to VMs, but it will also allow me to set aside some space so I can back up my main server to it.  Pretty saucy, huh?

There’s also a thing called ProxMox Backup Server, which I have not yet looked into but am going to put some cycles into soon so that I can back up my ProxMox box.  More to come on that!

 * Correction: apparently I paid $85/each for them and not the aforementioned $65/each.  Apologies for the oversight.  Still a great deal though!!

3 thoughts on “More eBaying… oh my…

  1. Phil

    $65?!?!?! Need the info!!! Hope they last. I have some 3TB WD Reds I’m thinking about upgrading but drives seem a little high right now. They aren’t really indicating any failure but they’re 7 years old.


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