Mission Accomplished!

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The big orange box, aka the 20 cubic yard dumpster, has come and gone.  It didn’t show up til late afternoon Monday, which kinda irritated me, but the boy and… Read more »

It’s coming…

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It’s big.  It’s orange.  And it’s headed our way. That’s right.  Project-fest 2017 kicks into high gear this Monday, March 20th, when the fine people at U Load It are scheduled to… Read more »

Weekend Update – 2/27/2017

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Well that was a fine, if not really chilly, weekend.  I’m slowly starting to get going on completing the list of tasks I’ve set out for myself this year.  And,… Read more »

Behold! Mike’s World!!

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Well, here it is!  I was finally able to convince myself that I’ve got a good theme and everything looks decent, so this is it.  The new www.godwin.org — Mike’s… Read more »