The movie I didn’t want to watch

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So, I don’t remember what year it was, but I was at least 15 years old because my bedroom had been moved to the basement.  I’m gonna go with somewhere between 15-18.

Anyway, I’m down in my room, probably listening to music, when my Mom insisted I come upstairs and join the family for the viewing of “some movie”.

I whined, I hemmed and even hawed, but as most things back then usually went, my Mom won.  So, upstairs I went.

I plopped onto the floor and saw that some movie named “It’s a Wonderful Life” was being broadcast.  And I sat through it, as did the rest of my family.  And, as you might know, it ended up being a pretty darn good movie with a phenomenal message.

So each year, as I watch that movie, I remember back to that time when my Mom made me watch it, and it is one of my fondest memories.

Make sure to watch it with your family while you can.  Kids grow and leave the nest, parents get older and pass away.  No time like the present.  You’ll be glad you did.