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Almost there….

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Oh, I have so much to say.  Some of it might not be worth saying and maybe I’ll edit myself when the time comes but, for the moment, I’m gathering… Read more »

(Possibly) Soon…

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I’m feeling like getting back into the swing of things and, after taken some time to get my nerdy checklist pages back online, I think I’m ready to start creating… Read more »

The movie I didn’t want to watch

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So, I don’t remember what year it was, but I was at least 15 years old because my bedroom had been moved to the basement.  I’m gonna go with somewhere… Read more »

Mission Accomplished!

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The big orange box, aka the 20 cubic yard dumpster, has come and gone.  It didn’t show up til late afternoon Monday, which kinda irritated me, but the boy and… Read more »