Mission Accomplished!

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The big orange box, aka the 20 cubic yard dumpster, has come and gone.  It didn’t show up til late afternoon Monday, which kinda irritated me, but the boy and I jumped right in and purged the garage and basement in some sort of record fashion.  As a result of all our hard work, we can now get both cars in the garage, and I have room in the basement to set up the new drum set, which I mostly completed today.  There’s still some cleanup that needs to be done around it, and I still need to shop for the final accessories, which I’m planning to do on Thursday.

Don’t let the massive success fool you.  After all, there were setbacks.  One of the more major ones was when, like a stone cold buffoon, I managed to drop a very heavy futon on my ankle and toes.  I’m pretty sure the neighbors at least two doors down heard my outburst, and I was still inside the house and sitting on the basement stairs!

But my kid was a trooper and he made sure we got it done.  Which we did.  And much quicker than I thought we would.

Soooooo…. this entry of Project-Fest 2017 is marked completed!