Miscellaneous Notes

Creating Header Images for the web site

I choose an image.  For the text, I go to www.cooltext.com, find a font I like, and create the text with a transparent background.  140 point or higher is usually how large it needs to be.

I download the text image to my PC and then head to https://pixlr.com/editor, where I load the graphic image and then open a new layer and select the text image that goes over top the graphic image.  I’m still not the best at moving it around; it’s a work in progress.  I save the combined image to my PC and then upload it to the web site for use.

Creating/extracting zip files with 7-Zip

Create or add to an archive:

7z a -p <zipfile name> <file(s) to add>

Create an archive, recursing the directory specified:

7z a -rp <zipfile name> <file(s) to add>

Extract the archive:

7z x <zipfile name>

Ubuntu Installation checklist

Information on how to bypass Google Fiber’s Network Box

Monitor Mount Possibilities

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

See site for further options

Creating an HTTP redirect in LetsEncrypt/nginx on Unraid

Determining the properties of a video


Migrating VMs from VirtualBox to UnRAID

Setup a Raspberry Pi as a backup server

Plex/OTA stuff to look into

argus tv