Am I nerd enough?

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Well we’re gonna find out.

My networking skills will be undergoing a bit of a transformation as the organization I support begins to adopt a DevOps approach to networking, including the deployment of Open Source and other non-traditional networking components, to include automation.

Couple the above facts with the additional desire of wanting to nerd out on my setup at home – one of the more adventurous and anticipated projects will be an attempt to replace my Google Fiber Network Box (GFNB)!

So, this is where I’m going to take notes as I begin gathering information and learning the “new stuff”.  The “new stuff” is a mashup of things for work, home, or both and currently consists of (this list will expand over time):

Replacing the Google Fiber Network Box

Hopefully by using the procedure documented here


Cumulus VX – a free virtual appliance that allows for test driving the “new stuff”


Mice and Men –

NS1 – NS1 Dedicated DNS Walkthrough

Data Center Management




Miscellaneous/Yet to be categorized



Metric tank


ONIE – Open Network Install Environment

ZTP – Zero touch provisioning

Active Directory on Linux via SAMBA –

Active directory on a trial version of Microsoft Windows Server 2016

Network Monitoring

Zabbix, Nagios, etc for network monitoring

Nagios vs Zabbix Compared

Zabbix font bug



Passing real source IP address

Passing real source IP address #2

And yet another page dedicated to passing real source IP

One more for good measure

phpBB Specific stuff

Notes regarding phpBB

This might have some ideas regarding forwarding real source IPs

Another possibly informative article

Look into mod_rpaf; see this page for details (towards bottom)

Another possible nugget

This might have some promise…

Happy reading!

Security Stuff

Recommendations for TLS/SSL Cipher Hardening

Hardening nginx

WordPress Stuff

Displaying the last updated date in WordPress posts (focus on the site-specific plugin method)

Additional information on displaying the last updated date


Apache Guacamole – clientless remote desktop gateway

Some notes regarding setting up Guacamole and UnRaid

Mini-computing – Site 1Site 2