Just a quick update about updates

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I’ve been working on a lot of stuff lately, and believe it or not, updates are being made to this site. But these updates are probably going unnoticed because I’ve been feverishly updating existing documents/posts, not creating new ones.  I was going to attempt to add some sort of hook that would add a “most recent update” date or something to postings but nothing i’ve demoed has met my acceptance yet, so it is what it is.

Most updates are being made to the pages underneath the “Mikey’s Notepads” dropdown on the main menu at the top of each page.  I also occasionally update the movie list.  Hope to have more content – both computer related as well as non-computer related – in the near future.

4 thoughts on “Just a quick update about updates

  1. AvatarPhil

    I just installed an Ubuntu vm last weekend. It “works” but is super slow. I will read through your checklist again and see if anything jumps out…

  2. AvatarMike Post author

    Haven’t really noticed any slowness, other than maybe during the initial boot of the VM. That seems to drag on but I don’t have Ubuntu on anything physical to compare it to so maybe that’s something I’ll do in the near future. Regardless, the VMs I stand up seem to operate quickly enough for me once they get going.

    1. AvatarMike Post author

      I’m running some Ubuntu VMs under VirtualBox on Windows 7 and I also have a couple VMs (centos/ubuntu) running on my UnRaid box.

      I’d like to beef up the Unraid box a bit and then I can run more VMs there. I need to get a SATA expansion card so I can add the two SSDs that have been sitting on my desk since Christmas; boost the memory a bit and voila!


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