Parts are here, adventure will soon commence!

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Yesterday, i received the SAS controller card I’d been waiting for so now I have that, the 1-4 cable, 32GB of RAM and 2 SSD drives (not shown) ready to go into the server.  I imagine my son and I will be nerding out a bit this weekend if not before!

Stay tuned!  Updates as they happen!!

4 thoughts on “Parts are here, adventure will soon commence!

  1. AvatarMike Post author

    Not always. It’s a rarity, actually. I’ve needed to do some of this stuff for nearly a year but you know how it goes – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Unfortunately, while nothing is really “broke”, my expansion aspirations are at a standstill til I can get the SSDs and RAM installed.

  2. AvatarMike Post author

    Yes, read up on UnRaid. They recommend cache drives although I haven’t had any up to this point. That’s what the SSD’s will be used for.


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