Parts ordered, but will they get here?

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So as I eluded to in my previous post, Imma plannin’ for some upgrades to my server.  I’m sure you will be elated to know that the 8-port SATA expansion card and cable have been ordered!  I was able to order the really fancy/nerdy looking cable over at Amazon but, for the card, I had to go the eBay route.  I don’t like eBay.  It gives me the willies.  Not really sure why, but be that as it may, I’ve already received the cable but am still waiting for the card.  I suppose this is to be expected, what with the lightning-fast prime shipping Amazon provides, but still, it adds a little uneasyness to the whole ordeal.

Anyway, look for a write-up (or at least an ackknowledgement) once everything arrives and I commence geeking out.