Upgrades are a’comin’!

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Sitting on my counter are 32 glorious gigabytes of DDR4 RAM.  This, along with a couple of Samsung SSD drives that I’ve had sitting around since Christmas, will soon be going into the Unraid server.  The only thing holding me off right now is the fact that I need to acquire an expansion card as I’m out of SATA ports.  I hope to be ordering this card this weekend, so next week there will be a lot of tinkering going on.  Hopefully there will be very little cursing and roadblocks encountered.

Stay tuned for updates!

2 thoughts on “Upgrades are a’comin’!

  1. AvatarMike Post author

    Sorry, just saw this. My stupid system isn’t sending me comment notifications, probably because it “trusts” you. Inconceivable!!

    I need the RAM; I consistently use more than 60% of it across all my dockers, VMs and other foolishness.

    The SSDs will be my cache drives (of which I currently have none) as well as the home for the root/home partitions of the VMs. You know how chatty Windows can be with it’s swap and whatnot, well imagine it trying to be chatty across a 6-disk array. Not fun.

    I’ve had the SSDs since Christmas 2018 but what I haven’t had are SATA ports to plug them into, hence the card and cable. Unfortunately, I was very recently told that this particular card gets really hot, so I’m going to have to order a little fan to strap onto it. I’ll probably do that before the week’s out so I can do everything all at once.


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