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Half way there…

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NerdFest 2020 began in earnest early this afternoon, once one “Uncle” Dave Brackmann finally arrived at the palatial command center to embark on all sorts of nerddom.  And while a… Read more »

And so it begins…

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…and “it” is the apparently inevitable upgrade/migration to Windows 10. Yes, it’s true: support for Windows 7 is quickly nearing an end (January 14th, last I heard) and I’m having… Read more »

Well, I lied (sorta)

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A while back, I mentioned upgrading my server, and providing “updates as they happen”.  Well, I got so excited during the process that I didn’t stop to provide updates or… Read more »

Upgrades are a’comin’!

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Sitting on my counter are 32 glorious gigabytes of DDR4 RAM.  This, along with a couple of Samsung SSD drives that I’ve had sitting around since Christmas, will soon be… Read more »

Just a quick update about updates

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I’ve been working on a lot of stuff lately, and believe it or not, updates are being made to this site. But these updates are probably going unnoticed because I’ve been… Read more »