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And so it begins…

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…and “it” is the apparently inevitable upgrade/migration to Windows 10. Yes, it’s true: support for Windows 7 is quickly nearing an end (January 14th, last I heard) and I’m having… Read more »

Well, I lied (sorta)

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A while back, I mentioned upgrading my server, and providing “updates as they happen”.  Well, I got so excited during the process that I didn’t stop to provide updates or… Read more »

Upgrades are a’comin’!

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Sitting on my counter are 32 glorious gigabytes of DDR4 RAM.  This, along with a couple of Samsung SSD drives that I’ve had sitting around since Christmas, will soon be… Read more »

Just a quick update about updates

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I’ve been working on a lot of stuff lately, and believe it or not, updates are being made to this site. But these updates are probably going unnoticed because I’ve been… Read more »

The movie I didn’t want to watch

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So, I don’t remember what year it was, but I was at least 15 years old because my bedroom had been moved to the basement.  I’m gonna go with somewhere… Read more »