It’s Hump Day! (Whoop Whoop!) Oh, and I finally cloned my system drive…

Just a short post to report that I finally took a deep breath and went through the motions to clone my 500 GB SSD drive to a new 1 TB SSD.  I used Clonezilla and it went rather well.

Afterwards, I found it duplicated the partition size to the new drive, so there was roughly 500GB unallocated.  A quick Google search revealed how to extend the partition, which I did in about 15 seconds.  Summary – I have a 1TB usable system SSD!

The next step will be to perform the Windows 10 upgrade on it.  Yeah, I know – better late than never, right?  Hopefully I’ll have it done by next week – I’m tentatively targeting Saturday as upgrade day.

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