The network permanency project™

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I’m feeling inspired.

“Inspired to do what?”, you may ask.  And the answer is – inspired to create a “built-in” network in my house.

This falls in line with the core of my Project-Fest 2017 mantra – improve, organize, declutter, dispose.

In order to get an appreciation for what I intend to do, one must become familiar with the current state of things – My network currently consists of an 8-port gigabit switch, into which connects 4 desktop computers, an HP laser printer, the network box from my internet provider, my Ooma Telo and a game console.  All of this gear is concentrated in my basement (aka the “command center”).  The cabling for everything is routed either around the room along the baseboards or, in a couple of cases, overhead suspended from my drop ceiling.  It’s pretty fugly, not to mention a serious dust collector.

At the moment, I’m in the information gathering phase, so any specifics I mention may change, but here’s what I think I’m looking at so far:

There are other bits and pieces I would have to accumulate, but that’s a start.

As far as a mounting location for all of this, I have 4 options available to me, 3 of which are closets.  The 4th is to mount it in plain view in the open room somewhere, which would be the least desirable option.

Additionally, I vision a possible (probable?) 2nd phase, which would involve attempting to snake some network cabling up the walls from the basement into the 1st level of my home (and possibly the 2nd level if I haven’t completely lost my wits by then).

So add this to the ever-growing list of Project-fest 2017 activities!  We will, of course, make updates available here on our progress as we go!