Oh no you didn’t!

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Yeah, I did.

I couldn’t pass up a deal brought to my attention by my buddy Jeff – the Alesis Crimson Mesh Drum Kit I was eyeing for what turned out to be $150 off.  My intention had been to not even purchase it until I got my house cleaned up but these things just don’t go on sale, so I jumped.

Right now, it’s in the basement, in the box, sitting amongst the clutter.  The clutter which I remain determined to eliminate before I can play.  (Plus, I still need a throne, kick pedal, monitor speaker (the set is electronic) and sticks.

I will get there.  I so often have had such difficulty in making goals for myself, but the goal to declutter and deep clean my house was an obvious one and really needs to be done in order to free up room for our new “music studio”.

On a related note, you sure should hear how Jonas is coming along on the guitar.  Hopefully he’ll post some video soon; not sure what his plans are on that but I will encourage him.