Oh my aching [insert body part here]

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Well, what a fun day I had.  I spent several hours de-rainforesting my crazy back yard.  The plan was to start at the deck and work my way outward, and I didn’t get much farther than the deck, to be honest.  I have ridiculously crazy vines and crap growing under my deck (which I cannot get to easily) so it gets crazy every summer.  Soon, I’ll be pulling the deck off since it’s getting old and such, but for the moment, I pulled and de-vined and pulled some more.  5 lawn bags worth of crap plus the tree limbs that are currently in a pile in my driveway.  I’ll be taking all that to recycling on Monday.  Good times!!!

I’ve included some photos of me getting attacked by all the burrs of the stupid weed things that infest my yard.  Cleaning up from those is a lot of fun.  At least I could throw away the t-shirt.